From Exiled To Excellent! Why Marissa Gets My Vote For 'Most Improved'

Okay, Marissa may not win any Grammy's for her original song lyrics, but after watching last night's Exiled, I still say she deserves a pat on the back AND the title of "Most Improved." Here's a few of the many reasons why I think Marissa rocks:

+ She managed to stay calm, cool and collected despite having cow dung dripping from her feet.

+ She never complained, not even when she found out she'd be sleeping with poultry, balancing water jugs on her head, mopping with cow feces, slicing her finger open and getting made fun of for owning a bathing suit.

+ She found a way to make Mac & Cheese for her hosts despite not knowing the Indian words for "milk," "cheese" or "noodle."

+ She forgot all superficial concerns (high heels, skinny jeans, nonworking hair dryer) and focused all her energies on showing Pramila she was serious about wanting to change.

Do you guys agree that Marissa's trip was a total tranformation? Take another look at her Exiled diaries (and rewatch her Indian adventure!) Then tell us whether you think Marissa's still the same pouty princess who insisted on dyeing her dogs to match her dress on My Super Sweet 16.