Sucker Punch Remix: Kesan Smacks E6 Upside The Head... Now In Slow-Mo!

This video's so badass it deserved a second post.

Yesterday we showed you what can happen when the wrong G's get near one another. The bitty whooping you see in the clip below took place backstage at the taping of tonight's raucous-filled From G's to Gents Reunion Special. The story behind the beat down, relayed to me by  one of the show's producers, goes a little something like this:

G's cast members were being interviewed backstage for prior to the taping of the Reunion Special. Security guards were already on high alert with Kesan, since he was the guy who left the show for having a bad temper -- they had him quarantined in his own room. But when producers allowed Kesan to go out in the hall for better cell phone reception -- and consequently overheard E6 rhymin' and hatin' -- Kesan's sh*t hit E6's fan. And really hard.

Don't miss the Reunion Special tonight at 10pm EST to see how this backstage brawl played out later during the show. Plus, brush up on each episode beforehand.