The First Rule Of The Island? You Do NOT Vote Against Johnny Bananas

Although I've always been a big Johnny Bananas fan, this season I can definitely see how he rubbed a few people the wrong way. (Like insinuating that KellyAnn ate two dinners when she's the size of a toothpick, or publicly ripping on her for going a little overboard in the plastic surgery department). That said, when it came down to this week's elimination, I think the girls played it all wrong.

Yes, Johnny's been a grouchy, misogynistic pain in the arse this season, and, yes, I can understand why -- at times -- some of the gals felt like "accidentally" giving him a swirly in the icky, Panamanian version of a Port-o-Potty, but trying to vote him off? Not a good idea.

Listen up, ladies. No matter how badly you wanted Johnny gone, you should have switched your votes the second Abram addressed the group and told everyone he wanted out. You had to know that between Abram's plea and Johnny's massive amount of allies, you wouldn't have anything close to resembling a majority when all was said and done. Instead, all you did was solidify the rift with Johnny and position yourself in direct opposition to The Island's most powerful alliance. And in a game where your friends control your fate, it all comes down to how many people have your back.

Bottom line? It's all just one big popularity contest. (Like high school, except most of the guys have six-packs and most of the girls have weekly collagen injections!) And since you know the men are already gunning for the members of the so-called "weaker" sex, your best chance at sticking around until the end is to fly under the radar, not to immediately establish yourself as a target.

As Kenny put it, voting against Johnny was essentially like "drawing a line in the sand" and choosing sides. Congratulations, girls. You just picked the losing team.