Rumor Alert! Audrina Ditches LC And Lo, Leaves Hills Pad Foreva Eva!

Sad news, Team Brunette. According to new reports on, Audrina Patridge is moving out of The House That Lauren Built. The irrefutable evidence? "Moving vans were seen outside of the L.A. home and boxes were dropped off on Thursday." You know, just like the last time... except for reals! At least, that's what this totally incriminating photo of Audrina, Lo and Lauren HOLDING BOXES (and, um, a pinata??) would have you believe.

Truthfully, we're not sure exactly what to think about all this.

For one thing, Audrina's been fending off rumors of her impending homelessness since the dramatic "Lo's ruining our lives!" epiphany in Season 3. For another, all three girls look so relaxed in the official Audrina Evictiongate Picture. (Hello, their eyeliner is totally still intact!)

Okay, fine, so Lauren looks a teensy bit drained, but it's more of a "Hey, this sheepskin rug is surprisingly heavy!" kinda tired -- not an "OMG, I'm forcibly escorting my ex-roommate off the premises!" kinda zonked.

Also? If Audrina were really moving, don't you think she'd, I don't know, hire actual movers instead of just moving her crap onto the driveway, one pinata at a time?

And yeah, things have been slightly strained between the girls this season. But c'mon, what about the drippy mascara fight? TOTAL breakthrough. Plus, this week, Lauren totes made an effort by coming to Audrina's boring work thingy -- and selflessly bobbing her head at the weird White Tie Affair show. After everything that's happened, I just can't believe they would throw in the towel now.

+ Anyhow, what do you guys think? Is Audrina peacing out for real -- or is this just another instance of a rogue moving truck driving too close to Lauren's abode? Meanwhile, if she is leaving, does that mean she and LC are officially O-V-E-R?