Did Aubrey Try To Sabotage Que's Meet-The-Parents Moment?

Was it just me, or was Aubrey acting kinda crazy on this week's Making the Band 4? First, she tried to cram about a year's worth of clothes into a tiny suitcase, then she almost blew up Dawn's spot with the parental units and I could swear I even saw her checking Donnie out during the show! But it was definitely the dirty dinner talk that had me cringing. When Aubrey blurted out "I don't want you doing Que on the bus" in front of Dawn's daddy?? Holy effin' inappropriate!

And just when it seemed like things couldn't get any worse, Dawn and her dad took it to a whole new level of oversharing. Yeah, that's right. I'm talking about the creepy conception convo. ("You said don't have sex, because it's two minutes and then you're pregnant. Is that how little Dawn was created?" "Little Dawn was not created in two minutes). Um, ew! Not exactly what anyone wants to hear at the dinner table -- or, you know, ever.

+ But what do you guys think: Was Aubrey deliberately trying to stir things up with her Que comment? Or was she just lightheaded from all the booze? Meanwhile, who would you least want to have over for a classy dinner party: Aubrey and her loose lips, Dawn and her awkward sex ed talk or Dawn's daddy, and his unwanted assurances that he's a More-Than-2-Minute Man?