There's A Hole In My Heart As Big As TRL

Total Request Live? More like Total Request Dead! As of this November, the show formerly known as TRL will only exists in our hearts, memories and online archives. And in an effort to cope, I've channeled my emotions into a heartfelt work of poetry. Presenting: An Ode to TRL (and Carson Daly)

Let's travel back in time to the year 1998

Back when Clinton was impeached, and the Yankees were great

And Tom and Nicole were still man and wife

That's the year TRL first came into my life

At first it seemed radical, even to me

An MTV show with music? How could that be??

A daily countdown of the most popular music vids

With every song, every vote, determined by kids!

Curious, I tuned in, and experienced a rush

"OMG!" thought I, "it's my first VJ crush!

Forget college apps! Forget being a Yalie!

When I grow up, I'm gonna be Mrs. Carson Daly!"

Unfortunately, my life didn't work out as planned

Carson wasn't so keen on marrying a "psycho fan"

So he left TRL, and I was forced to move on

I kept watching the show even after he was gone

Turns out, he was only part of the appeal!

The show continued, post-Carson. And it was no big deal!

The celebs kept coming, the music kept playing

I stopped hating the guy who'd taken over veejaying

And I kept on watching, until the horrid news broke

"TRL to be canceled! World to go up in smoke!"

Okay, slight overreaction, I'm not gonna lie

But then, I've never exactly been great with goodbyes

And after ten glorious years, it's time to say farewell

Thanks for the memories, folks. R.I.P., TRL.