The Pocket Guide to Bromance: Chapter 2

Although Brody Jenner’s new show, Bromance, is still many, many weeks away, we figured it’s never too early to brush up on our brocab and man-ners. Thankfully, we’ve got just the thing: Brocabulary: The New Man-I-Festo of Dude Talk by Daniel Maurer. We’ll be giving you a mini lesson on “bromenclature” every Wednesday am…until Brody’s televised search for a new “palcoholic” officially kicks off.

Like Fonzworth Bentley before us, we take our diction extremely seriously. So we've decided to step up our vernacular with these utiliterian guy phrases. Below are the top five most important words:

brostalgia - Nostalgia for something you did with your bro or bros. "Oh, man, all this talk about keg stands is making me brostalgic."

duedonym - A name that only your dudes call you. "I used to play football with this guy, Kevin. But everyone knew him by his duedonym, 'One Ball Rosenthal.'"

fellodrama - Melodrama between fellows. "Brody peaced at Stephanie Pratt's bday to avoid any fellodrama with Spencer."

friendjamins - Hundred dollar bills, lent to a friend. "It's all about the friendjamins, baby."

guyamese twins - Two guys who are pretty much inseparable. "Can you believe Brad Pitt and George Clooney are doing another movie together? Those dudes are like total guyamese twins."

+ Got any other brocab tips you feel like sharing? Enlighten us in the comments!