Reality Check: New 90210 Plotlines As Thin As Actress Who Plays Annie

• When did everyone suddenly decide fat was out and lopsided-headed human stick figures were in?? Oh, right. But are the skinny-minis on 90210 deliberately trying to make us feel bad about ourselves? Either way, it's working... (PopWatch)

• Plus, Kelly's babydaddy revealed! We won't say who it is, but we'll give you a hint: He's kind of a brooder! And we totally had a crush on him ever since the first time we heard his answering machine: "Hey, this is Dylan. You know what to do." (Videogum)

• Turns out, not all the girls from America's Next Top Model went back to the local shopping malls from whence they game. NYMag spotted several ANTM alums living the dream at NYC's Fashion Week. (TV Watch)

• Steve Irwin's four-year-old to host his own tv show? Crikey! (Perez Hilton)

• Meanwhile, Steve-O is proving he's not such a Jackass after all. (TMZ)

• Learn how to speak like a bitchy fashionista! This pocket guide will help you perfect your Project Runway diction. (Entertainment Weekly)