Dawn Richards Is Giving Day 26 A Smackdown!

From tour bus etiquette to PDAs to meeting the parents, last night's Making the Band 4 had a lot going on! Here's a few things we learned from watching the show.

+ Aubrey is an incurable slob. Case in point: The clothes on the floor, the overstuffed suitcase, the flawed strategy of trying to squish the entire contents of her closet (or in her case, the pile on her rug) into one giant leopard bag.

+ Que is a hopeless romantic. Not only does he want to sweep Dawn away to Paris -- he also wants to make out with her every single chance he gets. We counted at least 3 PDAs this episode alone. And next week, there's even talk of walking down the aisle!

+ Danity Kane will not tolerate any pooing on the bus. Okay, fine, we already knew DK's stance on Number Twos from watching yesterday's sneak peek. But we weren't expecting the guys (ahem, Mike) to break the rule in under five minutes. Pepto Bismol, anyone?

+ Diddy is ready to Barack the vote. An adamant Obama supporter, Diddy's feels his feelings towards Republican presidential nominee John McCain can best be expressed with a nonsensical two word t-shirt slogan: No bitchassness. Take that McC!

+ Day 26 is tired of answering the same three radio questions. To review, they got the name Day 26 from the band's official bday (August 26), they are contractually obligated to love working with Diddy and they always, always get along. Got it? Good.

+ Dawn is the heavyweight champion of smack-talk. Watching Dawn hang with Big Mike, and turn a profit off of Willie's nightly tank top removal, it's easy to see what Que sees in her. The girl's a total tomboy! You know, the kind who can crack jokes in the boys' dressing room then get on stage in a teeny tiny mini-dress.