Danity Kane's Rules Of The Road: Number One? NO Going Number Twos

When it comes to sharing a tour bus with the boys, the ladies of Danity Kane have only three simple rules. First and foremost, they'd like to make clear that this tour bus is a no-dumping zone.

1. No stanky-stank on the bus (a.k.a "No going number two.")

2. No excessive drinking to the point where you fall in a bush.

3. if you didn't buy it, do not eat it.

Sounds easy enough...except the guys aren't exactly feeling the love. Or, as they put it, "this is not y'all's bus, this is our bus!" And "How you gonna give us rules?" (How, indeed??)

Awww, we never pegged the boys from Day 26 as sensitive tupes! (Well, except for you, Brian. That awkward cryfight with Laurie Ann kinda gave you away, no?) Anyhow, check out this sneak peek from tonight's all new Making the Band 4 then tell us whether you think the coed tour bus will be a smashing success -- or the biggest disaster on wheels since Olivia Newton John in Xanadu.