Next Week's Hills: Are Lo And Audrina Starting To Hate Each Other Less?

On last night's Hills, Lo and Audrina managed to stand in the same room together without any discomfort whatsoever! (Not counting the slightly icky part where Lo inquired as to Justin Bobby's whereabouts). But progress is progress, and these girls are slowly but surely on their way to begrudgingly accepting one another!

Which works out well, seeing as how they'll be alone in the house together next week. Yep, Lauren's peacing out to Italy, which means she'll be slurping down pasta and gelatos while Lo and Audrina bond over their mutual infatuation with oversized sunglasses.

And since they're not used to holding down the show on their own, they're bringing in plenty of reinforcements. In LC's absence, Heidi steps up to the plate and fights for joint custody of Audrina, plus Steph (finally!) goes on that maybe-date with Doug. Something Brody wastes no time in telling Lauren about as soon as she gets back...