Holy Awkwardness! Relive The Most Uncomfortable Moments From Last Night's Hills

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. Other times, it seems like everyone’s speaking a little too freely. Check out these quotes from tonight’s episode of The Hills and let us know which of these memorable one-liners had you cringing in your seat.

"There's fifteen million people in L.A. and she says she's gonna hang out with Lauren." -- Spencer Pratt, taunting Heidi's sis and greatly overestimating the population for the greater Los Angeles area.

"It would just help if some of [my friends] weren't related to people I didn't get along with." -- Lauren Conrad, pausing to wonder why she's suddenly BFF with everyone's secret sibling.

Lauren: You, like, have an apartment and everything?

Holly: Um, I live with Heidi and Spencer right now.

Lauren: Fun stuff!!

Holly: You guys are both like little sisters to me, it's like --

Heidi: "But I am your little sister."

"You're lying. Your nipples are not pierced. Let me see! (pause) Oh, my God. Oh, MY GOD! What was wrong with you growing up?? [leans in to whisper] I secretly had my tongue pierced once." --Stephanie Pratt, finally blowing the lid off that top secret tongue piercing.

"I feel like I give, give and give -- and he never gives back....He needs to act like he cares and not play 'Mr. Cool Guy' all the time." -- Audrina Patridge, evidently confusing "Mr. Cool Guy" with "Person Who Wears Embarrassing Amounts Of Man Jewelry"

"Lauren and I had this little time of fighting, but we had years of a friendship, We were best friends for years. I never even had a best friend like that." -- Heidi Montag, waxing nostalgic for her carefree days as the wacky houseguest on Laguna Beach.

Stephanie: Did seeing Holly make you miss Heidi?

Lauren: Yeah. You always miss a best friend.

+ Anything we left out? Let us know your favorite quote from tonight’s show and tell us your predictions for season 4 of The Hills! Meanwhile, catch up on the best conversational snippets from last week’s episode.