Reality Check: Veep Hopeful Sarah Palin Gets The SNL Treatment

• Tina Fey returns to SNL to play Alaskan MILF/vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Not surprisingly, no hair/makeup changes were required. (NY Daily News)

• Cindy McCain has an epiphany of sorts, leading her to acknowledge something we realized several years ago: The View is a terrible, terrible show. (

• Rumor has it there's a diva on the new 90210 set. And this time, it's not Shannen Doherty. (NY Post)

• Is Gossip Girls' Blair Waldorf powerless to resist that "Bass-hole?" (TV Watch)

• Kathy Griffin takes home her second Emmy for My Life on the D-List, while Sarah Silverman inexplicably wins some sort of made-up award for her passionate video love ballad, "I'm F---ing Matt Damon." (PopWatch)