Can Fonzworth's Reformed G's Stand Tall Back In Thugsville?

Weeks of watching blinged out goons, greased up cons and deadbeat dads work towards bettering themselves have reassured me that no gangsta's ever a lost cause. (Except for maybe Old Dirty Bastard -- there's really no coming back for him.) I applaud Fonzworth Bentley for eagerly taking on this bold boyz-to-men challenge... but do you think his teachings will have a lasting effect?

Luckily, MTV has scheduled a reunion special that should satisfy all our outstanding viewer questions; however, what fun would it be to wait that long to make a few of our own predictions?

T-Jones: Contacted by PBS to star in his own morning TV show called, It's Wakey Wakey Time Detroit!, in which our very own urban teddybear teaches small children how to turn a frown upside down and clean up their crap.

Cee: Given the ole John Wayne Bobbit treatment by Gina immediately after watching her man hook up with that hooch from Episode 6.

E6: Decides to check out of his parents place in Brooklyn, but returns two days later when his hot plate malfunctions.

Creepa: Launches his own line of hyper-color hater blockers. The Home Shopping Network sells out after Nicole Richie is photographed wearing them on Robertson Avenue.

Stan: Opens a 'Gentleman's Club' chain back in Detroit and runs citywide campaign to legalize male prostitution for medicinal purposes.

Have some of your own predictions for the future of Fonzworth's G's? Tell Us: Who's gonna make it after all?