Holla At Ya Boy: Creepa's The (Gentle)Man!

While I write this, a steady stream of tears trickles down both sides of my face. I look a little like Lauren Conrad after another night of friendship management. The culprit? MTV's First Gentleman, Thaddeus aka. "Creepa." (That last sentence would have packed a bigger punch if I only knew his last name.)

He had me at "Started as a Goon."

I know lots of you were rooting for Shotta to win the 100K, but how ya gonna tell me Creepa's speech wasn't truly inspirational? Like, even more inspirational than when that old lady in Titanic throws the big diamond off the boat.

Fonzworth obviously saw something special in this hard luck hothead and trusted that he would continue on his holy path towards self-respect, solid morals and a handcuff-free lifestyle. Maybe not so much with the table etiquette, but who eats escargot anyway?

Hear Fonzworth fully explain his decision to crown Creepa and give words of encouragement to the final three men (who are ALL gentlemen in my eyes).

You talkin' to me? A special g'bye to Cee...

Whaddya know? "It came down to the speeches"...