Ain't Nuthin' But A G Thang, Baby! Relive The Most Gent-astic Moments Right Herr

Tonight's the long-awaited G's to Gents finale, which means Fonzworth is sending one of these guys home with $100K in their pocket (or, better yet, a giant burlap sack of money with the dollar sign subtly emblazoned on the side). But first, we figured it was time to see how far these guys have come by taking another look at Cee, Shotta and Creepa's craziest moments.

And since a picture is worth 1000 words (Shhh! Don't tell our editors!) we've put together a photo montage of each guys' snazziest screengrabs. And yes, it includes Cee's infamous makeout sesh with the random club skank (page 2), Shotta's sexy sweater vest (page 3) and Creepa's historic de-blinging (page 4).

Check out scenes from tonight's season finale then flip through our glorious photo scrapbook to relive the amazingness of the GQ fashion show, the almost-eliminations and the Mr. T-inspired gold chains. (Then try not to hate Cee too much for getting to rub T-Jones' soft, buddha-like belly.)

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Click on Page 2 for all things Cee, Page 3 for a lotta Shotta and Page 4 for copious amounts of Creepa. Plus, let us know which G you think deserves to win it all.

First up: Cee

Next up: Shotta

And last up: Creepa

+ Did we miss anything? Tell us which memorable Shotta, Cee and Creepa moments we idiotically overlooked, PLUS don't forget to give us your predictions for tonight's G's to Gents finale!