Who's Got This G Thang On Lock: Shotta, Creepa Or Cee?

What a long, crazy season it's been on From G's to Gents. When the guys first moved in, they couldn't even handle the responsibility of living in a house with an open drinking policy. Since then, we've seen them go from blinged-out track suits to business formal and sissy sweater vests, and watched as Fonzworth schooled them on everything from the art of ingesting snails to the do's and don'ts of boardroom etiquette.

And with the finale only a day away, we want to know which of the three remaining guys you think deserves the No. 1 slot.

Is it Cee, the reformed New Jersey con man with the goldilocks, the winning smile and the propensity for breaking down on camera? Or how about Shotta, the Brooklyn baller-turned-family man who's ready to trade in his Mercedes for an S.U.V.? And don't forget Creepa, the sensitive tough guy who's changed from a gangsta caterpillar into a beautiful, bling-free butterfly right before our eyes?

+ Let us know who you think has made the biggest overall transition -- and who's just there for a quick buck and a chance to be on television.