Do TPG's House Rules Border On Cast Cruelty?

The pop groups were wiped out during rehearsals over the weekend. For many of the singers, it's the first time they've ever been close to this type of intense work environment. Between song and dance practice, interviews, star coach training, cardio workouts, vocal lessons and movement blocking, the groups get little free time for anything beyond a shower and meals. And on top of their rigorous schedule, here's a list of House Rules every group must follow:

- No cell phones! They're confiscated throughout the groups' entire show run.

- Laptops/Computers are also confiscated. Internet access is not permitted.

- No personal vehicles allowed -- off-campus trips are chaperoned.

- All visitors must be pre-approved by production.

- Production/Rehearsals are 7 days a week -- no days off for anyone!

Think you could hack it on set without your celly, email access or even a way to escape the madness?