Dave On Quitting The Island: "Bottom Line, They're Lucky I Left"

Listen, I can't judge anyone for not wanting to spend more than a week futzing around a deserted island with no plumbing, air conditioning or cable TV. Still, Dave's fellow Islanders had much to say when he took the next tugboat home. Below, Dave defends his honor as a "savage competitor" who was merely bored out of his mind...

As the days passed on The Island, I found myself working less and trying not to use up too much energy. I was doing so with the hope that something exciting would soon happen. Nothing came. Yea, once in a while we’d get to swim out and get a crate… Awesome. The face-offs only came every four to five days. So like I said before, I spent most of the time off by myself, not really getting involved with the drinking, partying or hooking up. As you saw, I was pretty much non-existent on the first episode.

As far as alliances, I started to build one with the Rookies while still keeping my eyes on the Vets. I could never know what they were really thinking, but the Vets definitely knew that I was either a threat or someone they would want rowing on their boat. I'm fast, strong and lighter then say, a Dunbar or Tyree. Great competitors, I'm just sayin'...

Although I wanted to stay faithful to the Rookies, I felt that some of them couldn’t cut loose from old ties, whether that be castmates from Real World seasons or recent friendships. (The only two people I would never turn my back on are Nick Brown (RW: Hollywood) and Will Gill (RW: Hollywood). We're the Tres Amigos, after all). Other then them, I would eat anyone from RW: Hollywood cast.

I tried my best to limit being seen off talking with anyone specific -- I didn’t want to give anyone on The Island the impression I had fallen any which way. You can never outsmart the eagle eye of Johnny Bananas, though…. Johnny and I were making a crab trap when he confronted me about where I stood. I tried to keep my answer neutral, but he knew I was full of crap. So I put it out there: "I know you guys could use me." I was just seeing where the Vets stood with Rookies. In a way, I started dipping into the dark side -- I knew my alliance with the Rookies would run thin if I was already thinking about the possibilities of working with Johnny, Kenny, Derrick, Dunbar and Abe.

Onto the topic of Danimal... Dan's a cool guy, he just seemed like he had some underlying issues with booze and/or his military experience. He was getting smashed every single night, and I looked at it as a chance to capitalize on an opportunity. I expressed these thoughts during a group discussion -- one time -- and someone sold me down the river by telling Dan what I said.

Now for awhile some of the castmates thought I was up to something, or something was wrong with me because I was constantly off doing my own thing and not participating in the wildness. And if you saw RW: Hollywood, you'd probably think something was up with me, too. When Dan flipped on me, I knew someone had stabbed me in the back. Dan was living in this dream world that nobody would cut anyone’s throat… I have never been on a Challenge before, but I'm not that dumb. I was sober and he was trashed, so I left him to his militant rant and blah blah blah -- I was not scared of him in the slightest, just didn't want to waste my time fighting him. This Challenge, to me, was turning into the Real World: Panama. I had already done that show, and now I wanted to battle everyday and compete. The drama was starting to get ridiculous. So one week in, out of boredom I drank a bottle of wine and then made my way to the Bacardi. I only remember bits after that, like throwing up and running around, most likely because I didn’t want the camera crew to catch me barfing. I think that's when I became completely fed up with being there. I packed my stuff and demanded to be let out of the Challenge.

I woke up in my bed that next morning to find myself with my shoes still on, body covered in sand. I felt good -- a little groggy, but good.  I sat around that morning thinking about it, and the truth was that I was over this Challenge. Then I started to get sick from the booze the night before, which really expedited my departure lol.

Yea, the conditions sucked, but I was content with them. I never sat around bitching or crying about wanting to be home. I was fine, I was chillin'. I told production that I would have stayed and competed under the same conditions if we were doing it every day. Even with the possibility of winning money at the end, I didn’t feel like it was worth my time.

The Island wasn’t hard, I have been through harder. I shattered my right hand, tore my right knee and had two different sets of staples in my head after a motorcycle accident back in 2004. The doctor said I would only be moderately active the rest of my life, but I refused to listen. I went on to win Triathlons and play D-1 College Lacrosse. If you look at my right hand, it’s slightly deformed. I know what getting through adversity is all about, and The Island was a joke. I was honestly disappointed it was not like the other Challenges, where they battle every day and have to really fight to be there and survive.

Some could argue that maybe it was too soon for me to be on another show so much like the Real World, although I don’t really think that was it. Being a Rookie and the only one from Hollywood? Didn’t matter to me -- I had met mostly everyone prior to the Challenge. I just started thinking about all the other things I could be doing with my time back home -- working on my clothing company and other businesses, shooting more for the show I was (and still am) lead hosting, etc. I had also met a very nice girl -- Bailey Hanks from MTV’s Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods -- before leaving for Panama and I wanted to see where that would go. I mean, I was just like, "This is boring and not what I had expected as far as savage competition."

I see myself as more ambitious than banking everything on winning $75,000. It would have helped for sure, but if you don’t believe your own hype outside of that one experience, then what are you going to do when the 75K runs out?

Anyway, I apologize to my fans or anyone just pulling for the RW: Hollywood Rookie. I wish I could have given you a better show. I just felt I could be doing more with myself, and frankly I didn’t need to be on TV as bad as some of those other kids, who only survive by counting on Challenges. So I’m sure I’ll hear, “He was weak", or "He couldn’t cut it” lol. I know adversity. I know what I can handle. Bottom line, they're lucky I left because I would have been on that boat way before most of them.

We’ll see, I’d love to get a positive experience from at least one Challenge. Maybe in the future.

Thanks guys,

Dave Sky