The Island Exposed: The Secret Life of Kenny Santucci

Nothing seems off limits on this season's Real World/Road Rules Challenge. But the show’s only an hour, and there’s a whole bunch of funky shiz that went down on that Island. That’s where Paula and Ryan come in… From scandalous hookup deets to biggest hoo-ha ratings to ratting Kenny out for living with his parents (and sleeping under Batman bedsheets), these two leave nothing to the imagination. And we lurrrrve that, don’t we?

Remember when Kenny was just a slab of Fresh Meat? Not anymore yo -- Kenny's the King of the Jungle on this Challenge! Tarzan's even got a sexy Jane Johanna to massage his feet at the end of long, hard day on The Island. But seriously, how did Jersey Boy Kenny Santucci become such a powerful player? And is he really all he's cracked himself up to be? Paula and Ryan have some thoughts on the matter...

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