Is It Last Call For Tila Tequila?

Bad news for all you hardcore Shot at Love fans. Turns out bisexual beauty Tila Tequila may have finally found her perfect match. Yep, somewhere away from the prying reality tv cameras -- and roid-ragey Jersey boys -- Tila's  inexplicably managed jump-start a relationship with Courtenay Semel (a.k.a. the same chick she was spotted dirty-dancing with last week).

Unfortunately for us, this means Tila won't be reprising her no-holds-barred MTV dating show for a third season. According to Female First, Tila has finally decided it was time to move on.

"Tequila tells In Touch magazine she's found real love with new girlfriend Courtenay Semel [daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel], and doesn't want to jeopardise her new relationship by cavorting with wannabe lovers on TV."

+ Think this time it could (finally) be the real deal for Tila? Or is she still rebounding from the whole "OMG! Kristy-dumped-me-on-my-own-reality-show!" debaucle?