SoReal Cru Shake It Off, Buckle Down

Once again it's back to work for the remaining two crews... this is their last week to create an unforgettable routine! In the picture above, SoReal Cru watches a video of the 'world music' dances they'll have to perform for the finale. They're focused on getting their moves down perfectly, though it's easy to see that JC's comments last night ticked them off -- and filled them with uncertainty. Hopefully they can shake their nerves in time to battle Super Cr3w!

It seemed to be the mantra of every troop this season, but today I overheard SoReal Cru say, "We're just going to continue to be true to ourselves." Not a bad idea, considering they've got so many loyal fans.

TELL US: How do you think SoReal and Super match up? And whose style of dance will lend itself to this upcoming week's 'world dance' challenge better?