Reality Check: Michael Kors To Play Know-It-All Fashionista On Next Season's Gossip Girl

Project Runway judge Michael Kors to guest-star on Gossip Girl! Turns out, he's also a not-so-secret fan of the show. "The plot line is a riot," Kors admitted. "I was glued into Gossip Girl from Day One. I think it truly is the 'car-crash-that’s-glamorous.'" (People)

• And speaking of Project Runway, anyone else think that Kelli chick is slightly familiar? (NY Post)

• Tonight is part two of the So You Think You Can Dance finale! But who will win now that quirky Mark has been relegated to the Top 10 tour?? (Palm Beach Post)

• What's Food Network's new can't-miss reality tv programming strategy? Rip off Top Chef and change the name. (TV Squad)

• Kathy Griffin, on her mother's superior chugging skills: "She's 88 and she could drink you under the [bleeping] table! I'd love to see her in a shot contest with Amy Winehouse." (TV Guide)