Nothing Says 'Bromance' Quite Like Matching Outfits

Check out this pic of Brody Jenner and his joined-at-the-hip sidekick, Frankie Delgado, snapped at a recent Levi's Matchmakers event (creepily entitled "Size Does Matter.") Something about two Hills dudes in matching refs outfits just SCREAMS one-liner, but -- despite our best efforts -- we're just not sure we've come up with the winning punchline.

So check out these potential captions and then show us how it's done by coming up with a much, much better list of your own.

Footlocker Called; They Want Their Uniforms Back

Brody And Frankie 'Blow The Whistle' On Unfortunately-Titled Spinoff (Not true, btw!)

And This Is What Happens When You Piss Off The Wardrobe Department

Guess We Know One Hills Star Who Won't Be Launching His Own Fashion Line...

+ Think you can wipe the floor with us? Show us what you got by submitting your own captions in the comments section.