Last Night's Run's House: Diggy Designs And Everyone Whines

Well, it's finally happened. On last night's Run's House, the Simmons kids had a chance to read over the "Take Back Your Family" manuscript and, understandably, they had a few concerns.

JoJo wasn't thrilled at being described as "cocky," Russy disputed charges of idol-worshipping his brother Diggy, Vanessa had a problem with being deemed irresponsible and Angela freaked after spotting an entire chapter devoted to her personal life. Ultimately, though, Rev Run was able to take back his family (as it were) by calling an emergency family meeting and apologizing to his kids for being insensitive.

+ Later on, we'll take a closer look at the book and review the passages that got the kids so riled up. Meanwhile, let us know what you think this episode revealed about Rev Run and Justine's parenting skills. Does the Rev deserve props for admitting he made a mistake? Or should he lose points for failing to take his family's feelings into consideration?