Reality Check: LC Is Psyched About Her Upcoming Emmy's Debut!

• "I am so excited for this opportunity," Hills' Lauren Conrad tells E! Online regarding her future gig as an Emmy's presenter/designer. "I have so many great ideas, and I can't wait for the dress to be revealed on Emmy night." Um, neither can we. (E! Online)

• Meanwhile, LC's passing the time by doing unto others. Like giving her Teen Choice Award surfboard to a teen who really deserves it. (People)

• Idol runner-up Bo Bice has a newborn son! And he's excited about it! (

• Nine reasons why So You Think You Can Dance is better than American Idol -- but still not nearly as amazing as America's Best Dance Crew. (MTV)

• There's a new doc in town on Private Practice...unfortunately, it's not McDreamy. (Entertainment Weekly)