Did T-Jones Deserve To Stay On G's to Gents?

Anyone else think T-Jones' time was up on last night's From G's to Gents? Alright, nobody's doubting that he's had a hard life -- and I totally respect Fonzworth's decision to cut the dude a break. But at the same time, the big man was pulling a Pretty Ricky and getting loaded while everyone else was preparing for the business savvy challenge!

And as ECU Girl put it, "t-jones needs help but at the same time, he needs to stop being so damn lazy...ppl aren't going to help you if you aren't even trying to help yourself."

Meanwhile, what do the rest of you guys think? Can the self-proclaimed "lazy" boy eventually pull himself together? Or does he lack the drive and motivation needed to take something out of this experience -- and make something of himself?