'Daily Buzz': Shwayze's Got His Head In The Sand

The boys of Shwayze graciously lugged around a video camera the entire time MTV’s Buzzin’ was filming — so not only will you get to see them chasing stardom each Wednesday at 10:30pm EST, but you’ll also find them partying after show time, fighting with fans in bar bathrooms, and feeling the hangovers come sunrise… all here, all the time, on Remote Control!

Nothing gets us pumped on a Wednesday morning like watching Shwayze and Cisco getting buried alive "for the beauty of the shoot." (Though, as Cisco aptly observes, "it's better than being buried dead.") Yeah, turns out, making it in the music biz is no day at the beach. So watch what happens when these two fellows get down and dirty in the sand, then tune in tonight for an all new Buzzin'.