Reality Check: Hills' Audrina And Heidi Are Officially Double-Dating

• Audrina's on the cover of a magazine! And double-dating with Heidi! And rocking out in the Hills photo shoot! All in the span of a single action-packed week! (Audrina's blog)

• Tyra Banks proves she can do a "fierce" Michelle Obama. (Harper's Bazaar)

• Some lady wins Nashville Star! Um, yay? (E! Online)

• Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor on television?? When, how and most importantly, why did this happen? (Gawker)

Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford isn't 100% comfortable with the show's raciness. Sometimes, he admits, "[I] imagine my old school teachers cringing, or my grandparents thinking, 'Oh, my God,' when they see me, say, having sex on a barstool." Well, yeah. (