'Daily Buzz': Shwayze's Hotel Adventure

The boys of Shwayze graciously lugged around a video camera the entire time MTV’s Buzzin’ was filming — so not only will you get to see them chasing stardom each Wednesday at 10:30pm EST, but you’ll also find them partying after show time, fighting with fans in bar bathrooms, and feeling the hangovers come sunrise… all here, all the time, on Remote Control!

Last week, Shwayze bummed $1000 from Jordan then spent all but $12 trying to impress some chick at the Roosevelt. Fortunately, it totally worked! Not only did Shwayze get the gal, plus some random dude passed on the couch ("That's not even Warren. Who is that fool??") but he also scored the undying respect of guitar legend/pimp Dave Navarro. But first, rewind to the morning-after, when a bleary-eyed Shwayze surveys the damage and proclaims the scene to be a "war zone."