Fanny Pak Get Struck By Bolt Of Lightening!

After stage rehearsal ended for Fanny Pak, it was time for some group bonding. So the crew headed down to the local tattoo parlor (where bad things tend to happen!) and someone had the bright idea to suggest a group inkfest. So after a few pins and needles and some girlish screams (mainly mine), all seven of them walked away with identical tats of a fanny pack wrapped around their waist.

Kidding! They all got a lightening bolt somewhere on their bodies. (Phil, Glenda and Meg chose behind their ear while Beau went for the hip, Matt for the forearm and the ever-subtle Tiffani opted to have the tattoo plastered across her entire torso.

Kidding again! (Boy, you guys are easy). Anyhow, in actuality, Tiff got the bolt of lightening zapped onto the back of her neck. And the end result was...not bad! While I don't usually dig tattoos, I gotta give FP props for group solidarity. Plus, I'm loving the whole "stormy weather" theme. Bonus: If this dancing thing doesn't pan out for Fanny Pak, there's always a side-career in meteorology...