Supreme Soul Reunite With Lil Mama

Good thing the boys from Supreme Soul are done "taking a break from each other." Because last week, they were all flown into the Big Apple for an appearance on the ABDC countdown show. Mitch and Frost had never been to NYC before, so they did what any other tourist would do: they grabbed their cameras and headed straight for the neon lights of Times Square.

Of course, they also found time to hang with the locals.

"While we were in New York," says RJ, "We also went to the Teen Choice Awards and got to perform on stage behind Lil Mama, which was a trip!" Turns out Lil Mama asked the guys if they'd accompany her on stage and (naturally) they jumped at the chance.

Yeah, something tells me that's one invitation the Boogie Bots won't be getting anytime soon...