More Challenges, Less Mario On This Week's ABDC

Bad news for all you Mario Lopez fans out there. This week, the remaining three crews had two challenges to conquer instead of just one, which means Thursday night's episode is going to have way more dancing (and way less dimples) than usual.

The first challenge will be the "Groove Step Challenge," in which the crews will be tasked with incorporating some old-school moves into their acts. Next up will be the "Dance Moves Challenge," and while we can't tell you all the details, we can tell you it totally taps into our unabashed love of classic 80's movies.

Meanwhile, we've gone ahead and put together a list of the songs that will be mixed together for the Groove Step. Anyone else psyched about seeing Fanny pak take on Vanilla Ice's (only) hit single, "Ice Ice Baby?"


Fanny Pak - "Word Up" (Cameo)

"Now That We've Found Love" (Heavy D and the Boyz)

"Ice, Ice Baby" (Vanilla Ice)

SoReal Cru - "Bust a Move" (Young MC)

"Lean On Me" (Club Nouveau)

"Every Little Step" (Bobby Brown)

Super Cr3w - "Humpty Dance" (Digital Underground)

"New Jack Swing" (Wreckx n Effects)

"Poison" (Bel Biv Devoe)

+ Any old-school anthems you think are missing? Tell us which 80's and 90's classics you think belong on this list. (MC Hammer, anyone?)