Reality Check: SYTYCD Loses 2 Out Of 4 Finalists

• It's down to the final four on So You Think You Can Dance...or was that the final two? Either way, you know ABDC's Shane Sparks is glad that he jumped ship. (People)

• Michael Kors talks Project Runway and admits "If [Heidi and I] had been in junior high school together, we would have been in detention most of the time." (TV Guide)

Grey's Anatomy exec producer Shonda Rimes shoots down those Izzy's-gonna-die rumors. (E! Online)

• Time to find out who was "Best/Worst Dressed" at the Teen Choice Awards! You know you want to. (Star)

• More proof that mindless reality tv reigns supreme, in the form of Wipeout, American Gladiator and I Survived A Japanese Game Show. (Chicago Sun-Times)