E&U Update! Angel and Christian Are Having Baby #2!

In honor of Sunday’s LIVE wedding, we’re bringing you updates from past couples on Engaged & Underage! Some relationships have grown stronger, some have collapsed… hey, that’s life, right? Check in with…

Angel and Christian:

Hey everyone, Angel here...

Just wanted to give you guys an update on how things are going!  Married life is FANTASTIC! We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on May 19 and had a blast in Monterey. Things have been going really well. We moved into a HUGE 2 bedroom apartment, so Tanner has a room of his own, which we have been re-doing to make space for his soon-to-be little brother! That's right, I am 23 weeks pregnant and we are so excited to be bringing another little one into this world! Tanner will be about 2 1/2 when baby Tristan is born, and he is absolutely adorable. He kisses my belly and although he doesn't really know whats coming, we're sure they are going to get along GREAT!!!

Christian is doing great too! He is still working at Gillig for right now, but he is applying for the Police Department before his 21st birthday. For now he is going to start doing ride-alongs, and he has been working out to get into shape! It is a little scary for me, but it is what Christian REALLY wants to do, and I want to support him 100%. As for me, other than being pregnant, I have been working at my mom's store and getting ready to just be a stay at home mommy! Things have been going great for us! We are so happy with how our family is growing and what our future hold.

Next up...we are looking into buying our first car together, buying a home, starting school back up, and well Christian really wants to add another dog in the mix, so we are planning on getting a Siberian Huskie. LOL so much going on!

Now I am sure you guys are wondering what's been going on with Christian's mom and friends...well, not much, actually. We never really saw Rose to begin with, and that hasn't really changed. She does call from time to time to talk to Christian, but that's pretty much it. As far as Chad and Tony, we see them from time to time, but they've been busy living their lives as well. Tony has been in school and Chad's been working. For me, I don't mind much and Christian says that he knows his friends will always be his friends, but that his family is his #1 priority -- and he loves the way life has turned out.

Well, so much to do and so little time! We will check back in soon!


Angel, Christian, Tanner, and Tristan