More Pics From ABDC's 'Field' Trip To Dodger Stadium

Last week, the final four crews were invited to perform at Dodger Stadium. And while we were a day too early to see Manny in his new Dodger blues, we did get to see ABDC take over the ballpark and tear it up in center field. Fortunately, we saved our ticket stub and kept a handy-dandy photo diary. So check out our digital scrapbook for all the behind-the-scenes pre-game action.

The crews arrived super early - before batting practice even started.  And, like kids on a school outing, they made the most of their "field" trip. Here they are, excitedly gazing down upon their soon-to-be stage.

Before anyone knew what to do with the crews, they had them chillin' in the nose bleed section!  Sadly, none of the shops or venders were open yet, so the Dodger dogs would have to wait.

Down on the field, the crews chatted with various members of the press while a giant "GIANT" (rookie Gino Espineli) came over to pose with the comparably teeny SoReal Cru.

Meanwhile, Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak kept busy by taking self-portaits of themselves behind home plate. They must've tried at least 7 or 8 times to get that shot! Not sure if they ever did, though...

Super Cr3w's Vex holds out his baseball to Dodgers' first basemen, James Loney, as his teammate, Ben, gets some fresh marker on his.

Guess who's excited??

Bottom of the second, no outs, Boogie Bots step up to dance. (Spoiler: It's a home run!)

Before SoReal Cru had a chance to get into position, the stadium accidentally started their music!  Not knowing what to do, they all froze in place -- well, all except for Brian Puspos (who totally hammed it up for the jumbotron).  Fortunately, the stadium started their song again and all was fine.

Super Cr3w was the second crew to take the field, and they scored a base hit by dusting off their first performance from episode one -- and reminding all of us how much we enjoy seeing flips. Game on!