Boogie Bots March On!

Last week we said goodbye to the Boogie Bots on ABDC, and this week we're learning that they're not as robotic as we thought they were. Case in point, crew member Ryan Dalisay admitting that they're actually relieved to be off the show. Why? Because now "the stress is off our shoulders and we are back in the real world." And that's no artificial intelligence.

"I know our performance wasn't that great," Dalisay confided. "I [already] thought it was pretty bad...but hearing [Lil Mama's] comments was like twisting the knife." (Ouch).

So, what's the former Bot boy been doing since the show? Well, right now he's flying solo for the Hip-Hop International contest in Vegas, but he'll be rejoining his crew back in D.C. after the show finale.