Paps Go Undercover to Snap Secret Pics of Hills Cast

So, you thought that palace where MTV filmed The Hills finale party was nice, right? Well, the crib we kicked it in yesterday during the Season 4 photo shoot blew that dump away. Just get a load of the view out back! In the image, Lauren, Whitney, and Audrina sip some bubbly and act sweet and summery for photographer Jeff Lipsky, who shot last season's pics as well. The difference this time around? Paparazzi buzzing in the bushes, desperate to get a shot while the girls primped and posed (note: MTV took the above photo).

Keep checking back for more Hills' cast news and our upcoming "Blogger Forum," where the final episodes of Season 3 will be dissected by entertainment writers across the Web!

Season 4 premiere hits August 18 at 10pm EST... that's just 40 days and 7 hours away!

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