Quotes From Last Night's Real World: Part 2

On last night’s episode of Real World: Hollywood, the roomies somehow made it all the way to Cancun and back — and between all the girl-on-girl fighting, the cheating, and the “I Miss Janelle” orgy, everyone found time to weigh in with their two cents. Now presenting...the second edition of Quotastic RW Moments.

Next up: Kim reveals her lifelong dream, everyone reacts to the foursome. and Will reveals the secret behind his free-flowing tears.

"Today, we are going to be swimming with dolphins. This is something I have wanted to do since I came out of my mother's womb." --Kim

"If I never ever hear you speak Spanish ever again, it'll be too soon." -- Bri to Dave.

"Will is trying to cover up his hurt with a very horrible, disgusting orgy." --Kim

"I gotta put this on my dude resume." -- Dave before the foursome

"That was sick. Sick on so many levels." --Dave after the foursome

"It's not really fake-crying what I do. It's just -- I can make my eyes water. And all I gotta do is just think about horseradish or wasabi sauce and my eyes start to water." --Will

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