What Was Kristy Thinking??

Sure, Tila says Kristy's a "fake-a**-b*tch," and Kristy says she was just following her heart. But none of that explains why Kristy dissed and dismissed Tila at the worst possible moment ever. So what gives? I came up with a few totally plausible explanations for Kristy's bizarre behavior on Tuesday's Shot at Love finale.

Theory #1: She's been secretly in love with Brittany ever since their skinny-dipping sesh.

Theory #2: She's suffering from delayed-reaction crotch burn as a result of dry-humping a condom balloon several days earlier.

Theory #3: She's PMSing and the Mexican airport security totally confiscated her Midol.

Theory #4: She's intimidated by Tila's vast number of stripper friends, ex-boyfriends and MySpace friends. (They all want the same thing).

Theory #5: She's always wanted to start a Facebook group called "I Dumped Tila Tequila" and she figured this was her big chance.

++ Any other off-the-wall theories I missed? Let me know what reasons you think Kristy had for rejecting Tila.