Quotes From Last Night's Real World: Part 1

On last night's episode of Real World: Hollywood, the roomies somehow made it all the way to Cancun and back -- and between all the girl-on-girl fighting, the cheating, and the "I Miss Janelle" orgy, everyone found time to weigh in with their two cents. Check out the first edition of Quotastic RW Moments and stay tuned for more later on today.

First up: Nick inadvertently overshares about his pre-teens, then Sarah and Kim clash with Bri by bringing up the taboo subject of her brush with the law.

"She got her rocks off and then she was done...I haven't worked that hard since elementary school." --Nick, after his one-night stand. (Seriously, which school was this kid going to??)

"You all got to help me out with this. My thing is, if I kiss everyone here, including you two, then it's okay." --Will, propositioning Dave and Nick

"Um, not really. Not in my book." --Nick, not interested

"Cause it was just, like, a friendly rooomate thing." --Will

"Well, since you're being real friendly, wanna tickle my b@!!%?" --Dave

"I'm stupid." --Brittini's day-after reaction to the makeout session with Will.

"We know [you would fight someone] because you have a warrant out for your arrest." -- Sarah, after Bri's admission that she would fight anyone who tried to steal her man.

"Brianna's face just goes from 'chill' to 'aw, hell no.'" --Dave, doing his best "Aw, hell no!" impression.

"I wanna knock them the f--- out." --Bri, whose mama taught her to stand up for herself.

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