Injury Update: Are Crews Keeping Pain on the DL?

There are suspiciously less injuries this week than last, but we have a hunch that some of the crews don't want their bad news to be our blog news. Either way, those listed below better break out the Advil, cuz these ongoing injuries have been affecting today's rehearsals...

Boogie Bots

Joesar "JPizol" Alva - Right foot hurts, healing well

Super Cr3w

RJ "Rockadile" Puno - Both knees, pain comes and goes

Ben Honrubia - Left ankle, pain is steady and heavy

"Do-Knock" Cruz - Left ankle, upper back pain

Mike "Murda" Carrasco - Left ankle, possible sprain

Phresh Select

Lor "Blao" Song - Lower back pain, very sore

"Poppin Jon" Bulack - Left knee, can't apply pressure

Jay "Rukkus" Jao - Lower back pain, sore