LB Presents The Weekly 'Dumb Blonde' Question: What's With Covering Up Autumn's Stomach Flu?

Every Wednesday, I struggle with a minor bout of Legally Blonde withdrawal. So to compensate, I’ve decided to start out each Hump Day morning with a dumb blonde question inspired by my favorite Elle Woods wannabes. (Like “Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey,” only blonder!)

From hardass choreographer Nick Kenkel (whose name is, amazingly, pronounced "cankle") to Emma's spitoon to the 4-inch "Pepto Bismol pink" stilettos, the girls had a lot to contend with this week. As a result, there were several great lines (e.g. Lauren's "This is not in the spirit of Elle!" and Natalie's insta-classic, "My talent will shine through my bad hair!") one embittered exit and one totally unexpected mid-audition regurgitation.

Which brings me to this week's question: WTF was up with Autumn's crazy/spontaneous vomit sesh? The way the show was edited, it looked as though she was either fleeing in terror or incapable of "stomaching" critique. But the later commentary from the judges implies she knew all along that she was under the weather and headed for Yakville.

IMO, the "Will-she-or-won't-she vomit?" plotline is just as dramatic -- and much less bizarre -- than the insinuation that Autumn's suffering from sudden onset bulimia. So why turn a minor stomach flu into some sort of awkward, never-explained cliffhanger?