Fake B*tches and Psycho Meatheads! Tila Tequila Shoots Back

The smell of leather skirt and watermelon Jolly Rancher candy wafted through the room as she made her way towards me. For a borderline 'little person', Tila Tequila sure has a large presence. Stripper friends not in tow, Tila was happy as a clam after a successful TRL appearance today -- you'd hardly know the girl was about to be dumped and humiliated on national TV later in the evening. Luckily, Tila's had time to heal since the finale was taped -- in fact, it seems she's almost relieved her Shot at Love has ended...

Will there be a Shot at Love 3? That's classified info for now, but we can say you haven't heard the last of Tila Tequila! In fact, you can hear her unload in the vid below about her "fake-a**-b*tch ex, Kristy, as well as Chad's sick head and Jersey's twisted family. "They're all certifiably insane," she told me. Um, yeah Tila, where were you all season long?

Tila vents about the finale and a certain blonde heartbreaker:

Tila talks about Chad's lethal levels of testosterone and what the hell she ever saw in Jersey: