A.S.I.I.D.'s Joey: Proving The World Wrong

It could've been assumed that someone who is 99% deaf would not be very good at dancing in a club, let alone on America's Best Dance Crew. But Joey Antonio, of A.S.I.I.D., has proven everyone wrong and set the bar for those of us who have perfect hearing. He says that most people aren't even aware that he's deaf until he speaks. Even then, he couldn't be farther from ashamed of his handicap but rather embraces it and understands how special it makes him.

Joey says he started dancing as a little kid, when he saw his parents doing line dancing and immediately jumped in to join the fun. He's always been encouraged by his folks to pursue his dreams, but admits that he never thought he'd be dancing on show like this -- and with such success. Who knows where Joey's squad will eventually wind up in this competition, but we do know for sure that Joey will endure, no matter what. Even if he can't hear the cheering, he can certainly feel it!