An Ode To Shot at Love 2: Has Tila Finally Found True Love?

Occasionally, when my heart's pounding, my pulse is racing and my blood pressure's higher than Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury, I find that it helps me to jot down some of my thoughts in poetry-form. And so, with only a few gut-wrenching hours standing in between me and the Shot at Love 2 season finale, I humbly present this rhyming tribute to Tila Tequila.

Tonight's the big Shot at Love finale show

And Tila's kept us all guessing. Will it be Bo

Who wins Tila's love and undying affection?

Or will the bisexual "singer" go in another direction?

Perhaps Kristy will be the big winner!

(Her bro sure bonded with Tila at the family dinner)

And speaking of fams, how about Jersey Jay?

Could you believe Tila just sent him away

After getting his moms to act like cheap floozies

And then getting it on in the family jacuzzi?

Meanwhile, I still can't believe Tila sent Brittany packing

(Ostensibly because the "chemistry" was lacking)

Or Lisa, who proved winning challenges does not guarantee

An oversized Shot at Love McMansion key

So tune in tonight, and find out who Tila chooses

You'll never believe who wins...and who loses