Reality Check: Pete Wentz Is Exactly The Type Of Boy Who Kisses And Tells

FNMTV host Pete Wentz is so secure in his sexuality that he's on the cover of this month's Out mag RIGHT NOW...talking about all those boys he kissed. While wearing guy-liner. Take that, homophobes! (Popcrunch)

• Michael Lohan takes a DNA test to prove whether Lindsay's illegitimate sister is, in fact, legitimate. (E! Online)

• Only Paris Hilton and Bill Gates could get away with carrying a gangsta roll comprised solely of hundreds. (Perez Hilton)

• Brooke Hogan doesn't approve of her mother's dating habits, so naturally, she does what any crazed D-lister would do...calls up the tabloids and sells her story to the highest bidder. (TMZ)

• Danity Kane explores their dark-and-twisty side. (MTV)