RW Hollywood: Where Are They Now?

XX was quite the season. While we're all accustomed to seeing our fair share of Real World boozing and hooking up, I don't think anyone was prepared for the debauchery that ensued at the RW: Hollywood house this time around. Let us reflect:

Intervention... check.

Lying, cheating, fake crying... check.

Coed bar brawl... check.

Secret sharing of female "associates"... check.

Orgy... check.

And so much more!

So what could possibly follow up an experience like that? I reached out to all the roommates to see what they've been up to lately. While three of them totally ignored me, the rest -- Nick, Brittini, Will, Kim, Joey and Brianna -- haven't gotten too big for their britches. Check in with them below!


I'm now back in Los Angeles, and I've got a lot going on in terms of my music career. RW failed to show that I'm a DJ, so I've also been traveling around North America doing that. I picked up a songwriting publishing deal, am selling tracks to indies like crack, and am producing for a couple of artists. It pays my bills.

Janelle and I broke up six hours after the cameras stopped rolling. Can we all assume why? Ive dated other lady Real Worlders since and let me tell you... MTV breeds some pretentious divas, only hungry for camera time. Wow.

I still speak with Brianna, Nick, Dave, and Joey. Also, James Grace from the IO. And when I'm in Chicago, I always break bread with Charna. Andy Dick drunk dialed me once when I was in Mexico. I hooked up with that Laguna Beach girl who wouldn't sign to be on camera. We still talk. And my production team still does biz with all the musicians you did and didn't see during the season.

Final thoughts on the Real World experience? After being the guy in the background all my life, I became a leader in the house. That was the best thing I got out of it. Regrets? I shouldn't have pleaded the 5th when directors tried to interview me about my relationship with Sarah in the beginning. And maybe I should have defended Greg when he got fired because it wasn't even a job. I feel like the editing of these storylines left viewers misinformed and a little confused.

Next up for me... I have a remix album for fans at and a collaboration album coming later this summer. Plus, I have an MTV spin-off in the works where a series of skips, skanks, and skallywags live in a house and compete for a shot as My Kindergarten Crush!

Hit me up anytime at

Hear from KIM, NICK, BRITTINI, JOEY, and BRIANNA... after the jump!


Right now I'm living in South Carolina half the time and on airplanes the other half. Lots of traveling lately; however, in August I will be packing up and driving back to L.A. to make a new home! I'm so excited to live there officially.

I get asked a lot if I am doing anything to become a TV host. The answer is YES -- and it's going well! I've gotten an offer to host a documentary for the NFL network as well as do some other things for them. I've also been sent a couple of scripts, and a few other things are in the works. I Still talk to Brianna, Brittini and Sarah the most, and I speak to Dave every now and then.

I learned a lot from being a part of the Real World: Hollywood. Much more than I will ever have time to write. The biggest thing is that I found out who I truly am. I was so lucky to have an experience that taught me so much. I had amazing roommates and wonderful memories, and I walked away a much different person, as well as a much better person. I also learned that protecting our environment is very important... Go Green!!! Check out tips to help save our planet or just drop me a line at


I'm living in NY again but would love to go back to Hollywood providing an opportunity presented itself. I wouldn't say that starring on Real World "opens doors" because it's still a grind. It's up to you to take the initiative and be proactive with the exposure you are given. I will say, however, that it allows said doors to be "see through". The exposure is incredible and being on the Real World gives me a unique conversational piece, which has allowed me to network with other show hosts, casting directors, producers, and others in entertainment.

Prior to being on the Real World, I was seeing someone who seemed to want little to do with me when I left for the show. Since I've been back, we haven't spoken much, and I think it's better that way because I'm actually very much still in touch with someone I met in Hollywood (you guys didn't get to see her on the show). Anyway, I'm still technically single.

The Real World: Hollywood cast shares a unique bond unlike any other Real World cast. We are all entertainers by nature and were given the opportunity to pursue our entertainment dreams in front of America. I speak to Dave and Will almost daily since we have big plans for "Tres Amigos". I would say I speak to Brianna and Brittini about once a week. Kim and I have had phone contact once since the show ended, and I have never had voluntary contact with Sarah since December 2007. I got a forever lasting bond with six other people from the show. Regardless of how I may have felt then or feel now about anyone, I'm still bonded with them for life. I was very fortunate to really bond with more people than others and I think it's the greatest thing. It allowed me to inherit great qualities from different people and gain knowledge about the qualities I didn't like in people. The next step for me is more hosting auditions, agency meetings, Tres Amigos Tour and continuing Brandon's legacy through charities, foundations, and scholarships set up by his friends and family. I would like to affect people in a life-changing way... just like he did. That is my ultimate goal.


Hey everyone! So here's a little bit about what's going on in my life after the show. I moved to Hollywood in May, and I'm living with my amazing boyfriend, Jeremy, and his best friend. It is supposed to be temporary, but it's looking like it could last a while. Since my move, I have signed with Next Models here in LA. So now I'm with Ford Models and Next Models. I've been trucking back and forth to a trillion castings, just waiting for the big break to come! I have also been working with the HBO series Entourage! It's crazy being on set with those guys, they're truly awesome.

THANK GOD Jeremy and I are still together! He is a one of a kind person, truly genuine at heart. I am so lucky to still have him, and will NEVER do anything to deceive or disrespect him ever again. I definitely learned my lesson. I try my best to keep in touch with the "roomies" I mainly talk to Dave, Nick, Brianna, and Kim. I've learned many different things from being on the show, the big one is don't F*** up a the great things in your life. I've also learned to have respect for myself and others, and to not be influenced by the negative things this world can create for us. My next step is to work hard with my new agency, become a big, famous model, and take acting classes! Thanks to everyone out there who has supported me, you guys are great!


I'm currently in the Chicagoland area, but hopefully I'll be back in LA sometime in the near future. Lots of cool things are happening: I've had a TV series & movie role offer, and I've continued to take improv classes with Charna here in Chicago. As far as dating goes, I'm still with Melaine, who you saw in the finale. I couldn't be happier about that! I don't keep in touch with a lot of roommates -- but I do still talk to Dave and Greg.

The best thing I got out of being on the Real World was my stay in rehab... Otherwise I would never have gotten help or the knowledge I have now to stay sober. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to filming and more acting opportunities, and hopefully I can start doing some charity work as well. Thanks for all your support!


We'll just let the video speak for itself...

Plus: a most passionate response to the question, "Are you still talkin' to Bobby?"