Tonight's Shot At Love Finale: It's Pink vs Blue!

Tonight's the highly-anticipated Shot at Love 2 finale! Which means now's your last chance to let us know which wannabe paramour you think has the better "shot" with Tila. Now, if weren't for Bo's bionic chin, I'd say Kristy pretty much has it in the bag, seeing as she has that whole estrogen thing going for her and Tila's undoubtedly sick of those 'Is she, or isn't she a bisexual?' rumors. But then again, you can never underestimate the sympathy vote -- and Jay may have had a point when he hinted that Bo's jaw-dropping metal plate may, in fact, have given him an edge over the competition.

But what do you guys think? Which guy/girl will it be? Or do you think Tila will rip a page out of The Bachelor's playbook and decide to keep that last inordinately large house key for herself? Re-read my rundown of the two finalists and let me know whether you're on Team Bo or Team Kristy!