Last Night's Legally Blonde: Did Emma Deserve To Go?

After all that talk about how the "surprise challenge" (i.e. deciding who's the worst singer/dancer/actress, etc) wasn't "in the spirit of Elle," I figured the Legally Blonde girls were pretty much a united front. Which is why I was surprised to see Emma lash out at the other girls the moment after she got cut.

To be fair, Emma's surprise at being eliminated was totally understandable. Frankly, I'm not sure why she was even in the Bottom 2 to begin with, seeing as she's consistently out-performed several of the other girls despite having bronchitis (and, um, requiring a spitoon!) but, that said, I wasn't prepared to see her angelic Reese Witherspoon face turn all frowny as she complained about the unfairness of it all and rudely dismissed former BFF's Lauren, Bailey and Rhiannon as "little girls."

Sheesh, we get it Emma -- you're a superstar in the making who's been singing Broadway showtunes since before you were toilet-trained. Anyway, here's the thing: everyone knows that you've got talent. But you need to remember that sometimes, being a good performer means knowing when to just smile and bow out gracefully. And your exit was anything but.